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What is self-certification?

With the self-certification, it can be replaced the most common certificates such as birth, marriage, residence, family status, qualification, exams, enrolment in the companies’ register etc. certificates.

Here is the list of self-certification data (art. 46) of the administrative consolidated text (Presidential Decree n. 445 of 28.01.2000):

a)   Date and place of birth;

b)   Residence;

c)   Nationality;

d)   Rights’ enjoyment;

e)   Single, married, widowed of free status;

f)    Family status;

g)   Life status;

h)   Birth of a child, death of a spouse etc.;

i)    enrollment in, or lists kept by public administration;

j)    Membership in professional associations;

k)   Qualification, exams, etc;

How to submit

The self-certifications are validly submitted to the public administration, when:

     Are signed in front of the assigned employee;

     Are signed and submitted or sent by fax or post, with photocopy of signed person’s identity card; etc.


The self-certifications are not changeable with sanitary certifications, trademarks and patents