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Contemporary Yemen is the result of the unification which occurred on the 22nd May 1990 between the former Yemeni Arab Republic (YAR/North Yemen) and the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY/South Yemen).

Italy had recognized North Yemen in 1926 after the conclusion of the bilateral Agreement of friendship and trade, signed in Sana’a on the 2nd September. The Agreement was the first international act which recognized the existence of Yemen as a sovereign State.

Diplomatic relations with South Yemen were initiated in 1968, following the independence acquired by the country the previous year and the establishment of the PDRY.

List of Italian Ambassadors

YEMEN (Sana’a)

·          Pietro CORDONE (1990-95)

·          Vitaliano NAPOLEONE (1995-99)

·          Umberto LUCCHESI PALLI (1999-2002)

·          Giacomo SANFELICE DI MONTEFORTE ( 2002-05)

·          Mario BOFFO (2005-09)

·          Alessandro FALLAVOLLITA (2010-11)

·          Luciano GALLI (2012 - in charge)

YEMEN (former Yemeni Arab Republic, Sana’a)

·          Pasquale JANNELLI (1953-56)

·          Amedeo GUILLET (1956-62)

·          Gualtiero BENARDELLI (1962-68)

·          Romualdo MASSA BERNUCCI (1968-70

·          Lorenzo BARACCHI TUA DI PAULLO (1970-79)

·          Francesco PULCINI (1980-89)

·          Pietro CORDONE (1989-90)

YEMEN (former People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen Aden)

·          Mario UNGARO (1968-71)

·          Alvaro Vito BELTRANI (1971-75)

·          Costantino PANSERA (1975-80)

·          Michele PETROCELLI (1980-88)

·          Mario BONDIOLI CODEFERINI DE RIVA OSIO (1988-90)