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Projects under study , achievable in Yemen with funding DGCS .

• Training

-       Establishment of a school Italian- Yemen in Sana'a , for the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage of Yemen , Budget expected 2M Euro in the period . The project would see the participation of the "General Organization for the Preservation of Historic Cities" ( GOPHCY ) that would participate with the venue for the school and the guest house for accommodation .

-       Training course for the " Tourist Police and Artistic Heritage Protection Police"

-       Training Course, to be carried out on site in collaboration with the Unit of the “Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Artistico”, sponsored by UNESCO, in order to instruct the newly established "Tourist Police and Artistic Heritage Protection Police" of the Ministry of the Interior on the methodologies adopted in Italy in this field . The project would be carried out in collaboration with the Yemeni Ministry of the Interior and with " the General Organization for Antiquities and Museums " ( GOAM ) .


• Capacity Building

Technical staff of professionals Italian

-       Creation of a technical staff of Italian professionals who are driving and stimulus for the activities of the GOPHCY ( which will provide the venue) , contribute to the realization of the master plan actions to be taken for the preservation of the uniqueness of the city of Sana'a and same time be engaged in training for a dozen young professionals Yemenis who will be on their side by side. Budget expected 2M Euro in the period .


• Modernisation of the Public Car Register of Yemen and production of car license plates with Western standards.

-       Economic aid aimed at the rationalization and modernization of the Public Car Register Yemeni , and the production of car license plates with Western standards to increase the security of the state. The proposal comes directly from the Ministry of the Interior. Budget required 7 M U.S. $ .


• Assignment to Italy 's National Museum of Yemen for the protection , preservation and promotion of cultural heritage.

-       The proposal has been presented directly by the Minister of Culture during a meeting. The intention would be to entrust the rebirth and the custody of the Museum to the Italian Archaeological Mission of "Monumenta Orientalia" who for thirty years and has already operates in the territory at the disposal of premises used as offices and laboratories inside the museum. Proposal to formalize and budget to be determined.